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Content restrictions

We want to welcome businesses from all industries onto our platform and allow organisations to showcase their amazing their remote working opportunities. 


However, we do think its incredibly important that any content on our website is in keeping with our ethics, therefore we have created a short list of content that is prohibited on our website:

Please note the above list is not absolute and if any job adverts are considered grossly inappropriate we will remove it immediately without issuing a refund. We are always happy to review our decisions so in the extremely unlikely event your content is removed, we will be more than happy to discuss this with you and reinstate your job page if appropriate.

Multiple jobs per page

As your job adverts are fully customisable it is perfectly easy to include multiple jobs per page, and we encourage this if it works for your business. We only ask that you follow the below guidelines when including multiple jobs on a single page:

*The rule of thumb to follow is would all the jobs on this page attract similar candidates, if the answer is yes then it is fine to include multiple jobs, if the answer is no then separate pages are required.

If the above guidelines are breached regarding multiple jobs per page we’ll start off by just contacting you to ask you to amend your page to be more in keeping with our approach. If the issues persist we may consider temporarily removing the page depending on the nature of the breach.


As we are based on a subscription model, with a renewal period every 7 days, we will only issue a refund under the following circumstances:

As always we are happy to review any particular refund request to ensure we are being fair and treated how we would like to be treated, however the refund will remain at the discretion of E-jobs UK.