Core Service

Our core service

What is our core service

Our mission is to give businesses the ability to design their own webpage/ job advert on our website for all workers visiting our site to see. Allowing businesses to design a bespoke page which moves beyond what other job hosting websites offer and removes the fixed template job adverts that don’t fit the job you are advertising. We feel our unique approach lets your organisation tell its story. 


Once you have designed your bespoke page, potential candidates can then easily discover your opportunities when they search for jobs on our site.


Once a worker has discovered your page you can redirect them to your website/ contact email/ phone number where the next steps in the recruitment and selection process can take place.

Why join our website?

67%. That’s the percentage of people in the UK who wanted to earn money remotely, either as an additional income or for their main employment. Of the people who wanted to earn money remotely, only 31% took actions to do so , meaning 69% of people who wanted to earn money remotely didn’t take any action as they didn’t know where to start.


We are going to offer workers across the UK the opportunity to find jobs online whilst only needing to visit one website and we’re offering you to be part of this change. We enable you to showcase your amazing remote opportunities and easily redirect them to the next steps to join your organisation. As your page is fully customisable how you present your jobs has never been more personal, which makes sense as no one knows your organisations as well as you.


We also understand that your recruitment needs change needs which is why at E-jobs you have 24/7 access to your webpage which you can update as and when you need to, with no hassle or obstacles.

Subscription Tiers

Pro Subscription

Our standard subscription.
£ 9
  • Ad free page
  • Ability to design using Elementor
  • Priority support
  • Templates to help you get started
  • Can upload photos to your job advert

Spotlight Subscription

Be on our front page to stand out like no other.
£ 39
  • All the features of pro
  • Get your job advert featured on our homepage
  • Capped signups to ensure you stand out*
TOP Package

*To make sure you really stand out in our spotlight, we cap the number of jobs on our Spotlight package at any one time, meaning the number of jobs on our homepage will only ever be the lower of:


10% of all jobs on our website; or


20 jobs.


A page on our website at no cost.
£ 0 Weekly
  • Ability to design your own job advert
  • Have your job featured on our job centre
  • Ability to update your job advert 24/7

Transparent pricing

We like to think we price our services as clearly and simply as possible, with no commitment, or nasty unnecessary charges.


We’re not currently registered for VAT and all prices are exempt of VAT. If this changes, we’ll email you to let you know we’ve registered for VAT and we’ll start adding it to our subscription as necessary.


Click on the link below to create your account and start your subscription.

Please note you will not be charged until we launch, which is currently planned for Friday 28 October.

Follow the links below to see our demo pages, perfect examples as to what your job page could look like.

You can also see our demo job page by following this to see where your job advert could be featured on our page.

When will our core service launch?

Our core service is currently under development and will be launched on 28 October 2022, with our full time table below.


If you sign up before 28 October you can start designing your page from 14 October to ensure you are ready for our big launch. You will not be charged until we launch our website on the Friday 28 October.

Sign up today

Click the link below to create an account so you can sign up to our core service.

Once you’ve got your subscription you can start designing your organisation’s page ahead of the official 24 October launch.


If you only intend to use the free features of E-jobs you do not need a subscription, only an account. Once you have created your account, if you wish to unlock pro features you can do so by purchasing a subscription.

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The boring but important stuff

Please follow this link to our policy page which has important information regarding our policy which should be read before signing up.