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Our Aim

We want to give UK workers a brand new platform to help them find remote jobs, whether that be part time casual jobs or full time remote working. Our market research found 67% of respondents wanted to earn money remotely, but had not decided how they want to do that.


We are going to make that decision easier.


We want to enable everyone to find fantastic opportunities that organisations offer in one central location, with a plan to launch our service in September 2022. That’s why we see ourselves as matchmakers, pairing outstanding workers to the best organisations.

What do we do?

We designed a purpose built job platform dedicated to helping individuals find their perfect remote jobs. We offer organisations the opportunity to design a page hosted on our website to showcase all their amazing remote working positions. As we provide organisations direct access to design their pages they have complete control as to how to present their jobs.


We are still in our development phase but we are reaching out to organisations to start setting up partnerships. Once we have enough amazing jobs we will to launch our website and start match making!


DISCLAIMER: At this time we only intend our platform to showcase opportunities and direct workers towards your organisation’s position(s), we do not plan to offer recruitment and selection services such as conducting interviews, right to work checks and candidate reviews at this point.

How does it work?

We think we can summarise our entire service in 7 easy steps:


1. Sign up using the link below and make a free account.


2. Click subscriptions in your account and add a subscription to your account (we are currently charging a very minor holding fee of £0.30 per week until we launch).


3. Once our page development phase has begun we’ll reach out to provide your log in details to your registered account email so you can start to design your page (you will still only be charged the minor holding fee during this phase).


4. Design your page and make it your own (although you’ll be unable to publish at this point).


5. Once we officially launch you will be able to publish your page and any job seeker who visits our website can see your page (this is when our actual weekly fee will begin).


6. Get great candidates for your remote working positions (and update the positions as and when you need to).


7. Met all your recruitment needs for now? Cancel anytime.

Sign up today

Click the link to create your free account and we’ll reach out to provide log in details from 8 August, so you can start designing your jobs page ahead of the official 5 September launch.

Our Timeline

Who is this for?

Our service is for any organisation that offer remote jobs, whether you are looking to hire part time or full time, from casual workers to skilled professionals, we want to help you find the workers that enable your business thrive.


With a prices starting from £25 per week with no contract we want to make it easier and more accessible than ever to recruit remote workers.

Why you should join our website

By joining our platform you will have a custom designed page on our website, which will be visible to everyone who visits our site, all of which are looking for remote working opportunities. Our market research shows an incredibly strong trend of people wanting to earn money online, from casual work to full time professional jobs but don’t know where to start.


50% of individuals included in our market research did not know where to start when looking for remote jobs, so that’s what we are offering, the opportunity  to be part of the biggest home of remote jobs in the UK and find you amazing remote workers. With a prices starting from £9.99 per week with no contract we want to make it easier and more accessible than ever to recruit remote workers.


Whilst this may be obvious we want our company to be the clearest on pricing and charges… we will not charge you anything until our website is ready to launch and ready to help find you new team members.

Have any questions?

Contact us on the form below or visit our services page for more information about the specific plans we are offering.

About us

Located in Newcastle Upon Tyne, we started the company as we spotted an exponential increase in people working remotely due to the pandemic and we believe this will be a trend that will stretch into the future. That’s why we wanted to create a platform that was all about helping people who want to work remotely accomplish just that. Click here to read more…

Are you a individual looking for work, click here to get directed to our customer website!